Balmain handbags are true works of art. The closer you look at Olivier Rousteing’s creations, the more impressive the craftsmanship becomes. The savoir-faire of the artisans from this iconic Parisian house is made evident in a multitude of small details: magnificent quilting, intricate weaving, painstaking embroidery and a myriad of impeccable adornments. Olivier Rousteing draws inspiration from the Balmain house’s rich archives, but he goes beyond simply copying former designs. His designer handbags reflect the innovative spirit that has always characterized the fashion house, whilst paying homage to its heritage. That duality is evident in the iconic “B” that adorns many of these luxury handbags, a symbol which has been renewed yet is firmly anchored in the fashion house’s roots. This new collection of Balmain handbags plays with delicate fringing, exclusive leather, impressive adornments and striking labyrinth patterns to reflect the lifestyles of those who make up the powerful and inclusive Balmain Army

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